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Somewhere between the groovy riffs of heavy metal, the atmosphere of progressive rock and the voice of nineties grunge, Octale ventures and hypnotizes listeners into a dream made of poetry and emotions, mesmerizing melodies and fiery rhythms.

When the Choquet brothers met Lucy Rigaux in 2018, it is an immediate match. Octale emerges with Nathan on the guitar, Kieran on the drums and Lucy on the bass and behind the mic. Inspired by big names such as TOOL, Alice in Chains, System of a Down and Garbage, the trio begins to forge a distinctive sound that does not like to be pigeonholed.

Octale has performed on various stages, the most notable one being la Rotonde at Le Botanique in May 2023. In late July of the same year, the band’s first music video was released: “Le Songe”. It has since gathered 11.000 views, dozens of enthusiastic comments from all seven continents—ok, we are still waiting on Antarctica—, and articles in local newspapers. Octale has already released a few singles (one is to be released shortly) and is now working on its first album.